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Oracle GoldenGate 11g Certified Implementation Exam Essentials

Question No: 31

In addition to using the parameter comment to enter remarks in parameter file(s) can be used?

  1. – –

  2. //

  3. \\

  4. /*

Answer: A

Question No: 32

Which three can GoldenGate encrypt?

  1. Extract to Server messages

  2. Trails

  3. Passwords

  4. Redo logs

Answer: A,B,C Reference:


Question No: 33

Which parameter tells Extract the tables for which to capture changes?

  1. Table


  3. MAP C

  4. LOG

Answer: A Reference:


Question No: 34

Where are GoldenGate macros defined?

  1. Macros can be defined in the parameter file or included in a macro file

  2. Macros are defined in the GLOBALS parameter file

  3. Macros are placed in a file and referenced using an environment variable.

  4. Macros are declared, compiled and referenced via Golden Gate’s user exits.

Answer: A Reference:


Question No: 35

If your system has a firewall controlling port access which parameter can be used to control ports used for GoldenGate processes?





Answer: C

Question No: 36

Which statement best describes the record Image that an Extract process stores in the GoldenGate trail by default?

  1. The new value for updated fields; the primary key for deleted rows; the after-Image for inserts

  2. An image of the contents of the record after the insert, update or delete operation

  3. An after image for inserts and a before image for updates and deletes

  4. An after image for Inserts and updates and a before image for deletes

Answer: D

Explanation: An after image for inserts and updates and a before image for deletes.According to these guides:1. http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E15881_01/doc.104/gg_wux_ref_v104.pdf, page


parameters which control whether or not the after/before images of updated records are included in the records processed by GoldenGate.2. Oracle GG Fundamentals Student Guide, Version 10.4, page 113, Extract Parameters, Extract Parameter Defaults slide… Only after-image of update

Question No: 37

When GoldenGate is configured for Archived Only Mode (ALO), what must be considered configuring the middle-tier server for Capture?

  1. The middle-tier capture server has the same endian order and bit width

  2. The middle-tier server must have a database installed on it

  3. GoldenGate only supports Windows or Linux on the middle-tier server

  4. GoldenGate only supports UNIX on the middle-tier server

Answer: B

Question No: 38

You are configuring a multi-master DDL replication environment. To prevent looping of DDL statement like CREATE TABLE (….), the best solution is .

  1. Include the tranlogoptions (exclude user) parameter in each Extract parameter file

  2. Use the add FILTERTABLE command at the GGSCI prompt

  3. Use DDL exclude OPTYPE (create table. . . ) in one Extract to prevent looping

  4. This feature is not supported in GoldenGate 10.

Answer: C Reference:


Question No: 39

You have source table with PRODUCT-ID column and target table with PRODUCT_DESCRIPTION. On the target database is a lookup table containing product codes and corresponding description. What is good way for you to lookup the product description for each transaction?

  1. SQLEXEC ( )

  2. DBLOOKUP ( )

  3. DBLOGIN ()

  4. SQLLOOKUP ( )

Answer: A

Explanation: In reference guide, page 236, in example 1 or Example 2, when a lookup is available, SQLEXEC() is the function to use.

Incorrect answer:

There isn#39;t a SQLLOOKUP() function in GoldenGate!

Question No: 40

How many Extracts can write to the same GoldGate trail?

  1. Only one

  2. Up to 10

  3. Up to 50

  4. Unlimited Answer: A

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