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Oracle Access Management Suite Plus 11gEssentials

Question No: 41

Which statement is true about moving Oracle Access Management Mobile and Social from a test environment to a production environment?

  1. A new application profile needs to be created always for Internet Identity Services.

  2. The ChallengeRedirect URL in authentication schemes needs to be updated.

  3. Thecwallet.ssofile needs to be edited for the production host.

  4. Themerge-creds.xmlfile needs to be created on the production host.

Answer: B

Question No: 42

Which three statements are true about Oracle Entitlements Server?

  1. It enables you to externalize fine-grained authorization from applications.

  2. It uses a centralized Policy Decision Point (PDP) that all Policy Enforcement Points (PEPs) communicate with.

  3. It can use either a centralized PDP or a localized PDP.

  4. It has an out-of-the-box integration with Oracle Adaptive Access Manager.

  5. Auditing is not enabled by default within the security modules.

Answer: A,B,E

Question No: 43

Which additional cookie needs to be cleared out on performing centralized logout when a Detached Credentials Collector is used in Oracle Access Manager with 11g WebGates?

  1. ObSSOCookie

  2. DCCCtxCookie


  4. iPlanetDirectoryPro

Answer: B

Question No: 44

What value will you define in the Oracle Access Manager resource URL field to allow access to an application under the context root /procurement?

  1. /procurement

  2. /procurement/*

  3. /procurement/…

  4. /procurement/…/*

Answer: A

Question No: 45

Which statement is true about the interaction between a UMS component in the SOA Suite and OAAM?

  1. OAAM generates and sends the One Time Pin (OTP) directly to a user.

  2. OAAM generates and sends the OTP to UMS, which submits it to a customer.

  3. OAAM communicates with the UMS, which generates and submits the OTP to a customer.

  4. OAAM sends the OTP to a customer directly and UMS validates the PIN.

  5. UMS generates and sends the OTP direcly to a user.

Answer: A

Question No: 46

Identify three uses of the Knowledge-Based Authentication functionality provided by Oracle Adaptive Access Manager.

  1. first authentication for forgot password

  2. second factor authentication forchange password

  3. offline SMS PIN-based authentication

  4. high risk user authentication

  5. user authorization

Answer: A,B,C

Question No: 47

Your portfolio trading customer is using Oracle Entitlements Server (OES) to externalize authorization decisions from their share dealing application.

The trading customer has stipulated the following policy need to be implemented:

– Customers can purchase shared only if their credit limit is 20% higher than the value of the shares in their basket at checkout.

The value of basket and a customer#39;s credit limit are both available in the application, and can be passed to OES as part of an authorization request if required.

You are looking to implement the most efficient policy within OES. Which three steps would you implement?

  1. Configure a Policy Information Point (PIP) to retrieve the basket value and credit limit from an internal system.

  2. Configure an authorization policy to include a condition that executes a custom function.

  3. Configure the application to include the basket value and credit limit in the authorization request.

  4. Create a custom function to calculate the difference between the basket value and the credit limit.

  5. Use a PIP to call a web service that returns the calculated difference between the basket value and the credit limit.

  6. Return an obligation that contains the difference value so that the application can decide whether to allow the transaction or not.

Answer: B,D,F

Question No: 48

Identity two authentication engines that are available in Oracle Identity Federation (OIF) 11g.

  1. LDAP

  2. Flat File

  3. MongoDB

  4. JAAS

  5. Excel File

Answer: A,D

Question No: 49

Which two mechanisms does Oracle Access Manager provide for credential collection during authentication?

  1. Embedded Credential Collector (ECC)

  2. Security Store Collector (SSC)

  3. Detached Credential Collector (DCC)

  4. Security Token Services (STS)

  5. CredentialSecurity Framework (CSF)

Answer: A,C

Question No: 50

What would you need to configure to migrate all agents (WebGates) with different transport security modes from Oracle Access Manager 10g to Oracle Access Manager 11g in the same transport security mode.

  1. Set themigration_modeproperty in theoam_migration.propertiesfile toCOMPLETE.

  2. Set theagent_mode_to_overrideproperty in theoam_migration.propertiesfile to the new security mode.

  3. Set theagent_mode_to_overrideproperty in theoam_migration.propertiesfile toRETAIN_EXISTING.

  4. No configuration is required because this is done by default.

Answer: B

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