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Question No: 91


What is the length, in inches, of the diagonal brace?

  1. 42

  2. 48

  3. 60

  4. 72

  5. 84

Answer: C

Question No: 92

Potatoes can be purchased in 10-kilogram bags for $14 or loosely for $2 per kilogram. Harry bought one 10-kilogram bag of potatoes and 3 kilograms of loose potatoes.

Which of the following expressions equals the average price per kilogram, in dollars, for the potatoes Harry bought?











  1. Option A

  2. Option B

  3. Option C

  4. Option D

  5. Option E

Answer: A

Question No: 93

The number of games in a shipment must be a multiple of 25 and 40. What is the FEWEST number of games that could be in the shipment?

A. 800

B. 200

C. 120

  1. 75

  2. 50

Answer: B

Question No: 94

If a, b, and c are three different numbers, and a minus b equals c, which of the following statements must be true?

  1. b = ac

  2. a = bc

  3. b = a – c

  4. a = b – c

  5. a = c – b

Answer: C

Question No: 95


The slopes of the lines give the average growth rates of the plants, in centimeters per week, using the two fertilizers.

What is the average growth rate, in centimeters per week, using fertilizer A?

  1. 85

  2. 45

  3. 15

  4. 10

  5. 5

Answer: D

Question No: 96 CORRECT TEXT


For a plant to grow to a height of 40 centimeters, how many MORE weeks did it take using fertilizer B than using fertilizer A?

Answer: 4weeks



Question No: 97 CORRECT TEXT


Question 13

When each plant had been growing for 6 weeks, how much TALLER, in centimeters, was the plant on which fertilizer A had been used than the one using fertilizer B?

Answer: 30centimeters



Question No: 98

Gustavo bought 20 glasses for $1.50 each and had to pay an 8% sales tax. Because he was sending them to a friend, he also had the glasses securely packed for an additional charge (not taxed) of $6.95.

What was the total amount Gustavo paid for the glasses and packing?

A. $ 8.57 B. $18.95 C. $32.40 D. $36.95 E. $39.35

Answer: E

Question No: 99


Approximately what percent of the floor area of the warehouse was used for the sale of household items?

A. 22%

B. 48%

C. 56%

D. 71%

E. 78%

Answer: C

Question No: 100

Avery charges a fixed amount for a house call plus an hourly fee of $12.50 for repairing televisions. His bill for repairing a television in a customer’s home was $62.00.

If Avery worked 4 hours, what was the fixed amount he charged for the house call?

A. $ 6.00 B. $12.00 C. $16.50 D. $49.50 E. $50.00

Answer: B

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