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GEDMathematical ReasoningExam

Question No: 41

The list price of a certain bread machine is $200. A discount store sells this machine for

$130, saving the customer $70. What is the percent of discount?

A. 35%

B. 54%

C. 65%

D. 70%

E. 130%

Answer: A

Question No: 42

A club wanted to double its membership. It recruited 6 new members, but that was 10 short of the club’s goal. How many members were in the club before the new members joined?

  1. 6

  2. 8

  3. 12

  4. 16

  5. 24

Answer: D

Question No: 43


What is the measure of angle BCD?

A. 130掳

B. 120掳

C. 70掳

D. 60掳

E. 50掳

Answer: A

Question No: 44

A computer chip is designed to be 3.2 cm long, but the actual manufactured length can be up to 0.015 cm larger or smaller than the designed length. Which of the following lengths, in centimeters, of manufactured chips would be acceptable?

A. 3.18

B. 3.19

C. 3.24

D. 3.25

E. 3.35

Answer: B

Question No: 45

When a solar flare occurs on the Sun, it can send out a blast wave that travels through space at a speed of 1.875 脳 106 miles per hour. How would this speed, in miles per hour, be written as a decimal number?

A. 18,750,000

B. 1,875,000

C. 187,500

D. 0.000001875

E. 0.0000001875

Answer: B

Question No: 46


What is true about the perimeters (shown by the solid lines) and the areas of the two arrangements?

  1. The perimeters are the same, but the areas are different.

  2. The perimeters are different, but the areas are the same.

  3. The perimeters and areas are both the same.

  4. The perimeters and areas are both different.

  5. Not enough information is given.

Answer: C

Question No: 47

City Commuter Airplane Service is considering the purchase of another airplane for its fleet. The cruising speeds of the two choices are shown in the graph below.


In miles, how much FARTHER can plane A travel in 3 hours than plane B can travel in the same amount of time?

A. 100

B. 150

C. 300

D. 450

E. 600

Answer: B

Question No: 48

City Commuter Airplane Service is considering the purchase of another airplane for its

fleet. The cruising speeds of the two choices are shown in the graph below.


In minutes, how much LONGER would it take plane B to travel 300 miles than it would take plane A to travel the same distance?

  1. 20

  2. 30

  3. 40

  4. 60

  5. 75

Answer: B

Question No: 49

Hattie, the manager of Speedy Burgers, wants to know the average amount of time it takes customers to order once they reach the counter. Hattie recorded these ordering times in seconds:45, 52, 64, 87, 56, 21, 34, 49, 55, 29, 36. What was the mean (average) time in seconds it took customers to order?

A. 528

  1. 64

  2. 49

  3. 48

  4. 43

Answer: D

Question No: 50


Debra’s job description allocates her time among her tasks as shown in the graph at the left.

If Debra works 40 hours this week, how many of those hours should be spent on customer service?

  1. 5

  2. 10

  3. 15

  4. 20

  5. 25

Answer: C

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