220-1002 Real Exam Dumps Questions and answers 71-80

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Question No.71

A security administrator does some network testing and identifies significant issues with security on desktop computers. As part of remediation, the network administrator is developing documentation based on best practices for applying updates to end users#39; computers. The network administrator must create the process documentation needed to submit back to the security administrator for approval. Which of the following process documents would the network administrator MOST likely create? (Choose two.)

  1. Risk analysis

  2. End-user acceptance

  3. Backout plan

  4. Plan for change

  5. Business processes

  6. Request for proposal

Correct Answer: CD

Question No.72

Which of the following technologies can be utilized in a wireless network environment to provide secure SSO access for WiFi and network resources?

  1. WPA2

  2. AES

  3. MAC filtering


  5. WPS

Correct Answer: D

Question No.73

A new business will be using credit cards in a physical location as well as its web presence. Which of the following does the business need?

  1. PHI certification

  2. PCI compliance

  3. POTS implementation

  4. PII filtering

Correct Answer: B

Question No.74

A customer#39;s computer is powered on and working, but the customer is unable to get to any wired

network resources, shared drives, printers, or the Internet. Which of the following command-line tools should be used to troubleshoot this scenario?

  1. Ping

  2. Iwconfig

  3. Nbtstat

  4. Nslookup

Correct Answer: A

Question No.75

Which of the following provide the MOST security for PCs and mobile devices? (Choose two.)

  1. Access control lists

  2. Multifactor authentication

  3. Organizational unit

  4. Trusted software sources

  5. Data loss prevention

  6. Pre-shared key

Correct Answer: BD

Question No.76

Which of the following devices are MOST likely to have a grounding wire attached to them based on the manufacturer#39;s design? (Select two.)

  1. UPS

  2. Server rack

  3. PoE phone

  4. Desktop printer

  5. Modem

  6. Patch panel

Correct Answer: AB

Question No.77

A customer is presuming manager to get things done on time. Which of the following has the project failed to do this case?

  1. Follow up with the customer after project completion

  2. Mention a positive attitude during the project

  3. Disclose project expenses on social media

  4. Communicate with the customer clearly

Correct Answer: D

Question No.78

Ann, an end user, is working with highly regulated data and often notices the high volume of traffic in her work area. Ann requests help with limiting the exposure of data as people walk by. Which of the following security measures should be used?

  1. Biometric device

  2. Common access card

  3. Cable lock

  4. Privacy screen

  5. Mantrap

Correct Answer: D

Question No.79

A network administrator has given a technician documentation detailing the switchports the technician will need to patch in for a network upgrade. Which of the following documents did the network administrator MOST likely give to the technician?

  1. Process diagram

  2. Physical network diagram

  3. Fiber backbone diagram

  4. Logical topology diagram

Correct Answer: B

Question No.80

A team needs to deploy a temporary server room at a site to provide support during construction. Which of the following should they use at this site while setting up the server room?

  1. Air filters

  2. Privacy screens

  3. Vacuums

  4. ESD mats

Correct Answer: A

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