220-1002 Real Exam Dumps Questions and answers 61-70

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Question No.61

A corporate network was recently infected by a malicious application on a flash drive that downloaded sensitive company files and injected a virus, which spread onto the network Which of the following best practices could have prevented the attack?

  1. Implementing strong passwords

  2. Changing default credentials

  3. Disabling AutoRun

  4. Removing Guest account

  5. Encrypting data

Correct Answer: D

Question No.62

A user who is running Windows 10 logs Into a machine and notices that shared drives are missing, the quot;My Documents* folder is empty, and personal settings are reset. Which of the following would be required to resolve the issue?

  1. Remove the registry entry and rename the local account folder.

  2. Delete or rename the local user folder.

  3. Run DISM and re-add the local power user account.

  4. Remove the user account In Credential Manager and restart the PC.

Correct Answer: D

Question No.63

A SOHO user calls a technician and wants to secure a home network. The SOHO user needs to have protection from physical connection and ensure that employees cannot applications or personal emails. Which of the following would the technician MOST likely configure on the network device to accommodate the SOHO user#39;s request? (Select TWO)

  1. MAC filtering

  2. Default SSID

  3. Ratio power levels

  4. Content filtering

  5. Physical security

Correct Answer: BE

Question No.64

Ann, a user, calls the help desk regarding an issue on her laptop. While working remotely, she appears to be connecting to WiFi but is unable to retrieve her corporate email. The wireless name is listed as quot;ConnectMequot; and appears as unsecure. Which of the following should the help desk perform to fix the issue?

  1. Remote into Ann#39;s system and restart the wireless adapter

  2. Ask Ann to open a browser and watch for a redirect page

  3. Advice Ann to pug an Ethernet cable into her laptop

  4. Direct Ann to run an antivirus program on her laptop

Correct Answer: B

Question No.65

A systems administrator needs to add security to the server room. Which of the following would provide the BEST security for the room? (Choose two.)

  1. Universal serial bus locks

  2. Personal identity verification cards

  3. Privacy screen

  4. Entry control roster

  5. Door locks

  6. Privacy window

Correct Answer: EF

Question No.66

A SOHO customer has recently experienced a major hurricane. The customer has no backups and has lost all data and hardware associated with the company. The customer calls a contractor to assist in the rebuilding process and needs suggestions on the best way to prevent this from happening again. Which of the following recommendations should the contractor give to the customer? (Select two.)

  1. Backup testing

  2. Cloud storage

  3. Local storage backups

  4. Data recovery

  5. Hot site

  6. Waterproof devices

Correct Answer: BE

Question No.67

A small office#39;s wireless network was compromised recently by an attacker who brute forced a PIN to gain access. The attacker then modified the DNS settings on the router and spread malware to the entire network. Which of the following configurations MOST likely allowed the attack to take place? (Select two.)

  1. Guest network

  2. TKIP

  3. Default login

  4. Outdated firmware

  5. WPS

  6. WEP

Correct Answer: CF

Question No.68

Joe, a user who is travelling for business, reports that his mobile phone was getting approximately 35 Mbps for the first few days of his trip, but now it is only getting around 500 Kbps. Joe uses the device as a GPS to visit customers and as a hotspot to check work email and watch movies online. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause of Joe#39;s slow data speeds?

  1. Joe#39;s data transmission is over the limit

  2. The phone needs to be rebooted from overuse

  3. The use of GPS interferes with data speeds

  4. There is unintended Bluetooth pairing

Correct Answer: A

Question No.69

Joe, a customer, calls a technician to report a remote computer is demonstrating erratic behavior while he is working on it. The technician verifies the files and directories. Joe is working on locally cannot be opened in any application, and the computer is running extremely slow. Which of the following is the MOST likely cause of this issue?

  1. Files disappearing

  2. File permission changes

  3. Application crash

  4. Too many startup items

Correct Answer: D

Question No.70

Which of the following would a technician use to store memory chips from a laptop safely after an upgrade?

  1. Mylar bags

  2. Cardboard boxes

  3. Antistatic containers

  4. Paper envelopes

Correct Answer: C

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