010-151 Real Exam Dumps Questions and answers 41-50

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Question No.41

Which tool does a network administrator not need when installing hardware?

  1. cable tester

  2. wrench set

  3. cable wraps

  4. needle-nose pliers

  5. PCMCIA memory

  6. soldering iron with grounded tip

Correct Answer: F

Question No.42

When the Cisco UCS Manager is used to verify the B- or C-Series device, which two types of Overall Status are acceptable and do not indicate a failure? (Choose two.)

  1. Online

  2. OK

  3. Unassociated

  4. Active

Correct Answer: BC

Question No.43

What is the correct path to verify the Overall Status of Chassis 1 | Server 3?

  1. Equipment Tab gt; Chassis gt; Chassis 1 gt; Servers gt; Server 3 Status tab

  2. Equipment Tab gt; Chassis gt; Chassis 1 gt; Servers gt; Server 3 General tab

  3. Equipment Tab gt; Chassis gt; Chassis 1 gt; Servers gt; Server 3 FSM tab

  4. Servers Tab gt; Chassis gt; Server 3 General tab

  5. Status Tab gt; Chassis gt; Chassis 1 gt; Servers gt; Server 3

  6. Admin Tab gt; Chassis gt; Chassis 1 gt; Servers gt; Server 3 General tab

Correct Answer: B

Question No.44

If the Overall Status for a Cisco UCS B-Series Blade Server indicates a failure in the Cisco UCS Manager, such as discovery-failed, which statement is true?

  1. The server shuts down.

  2. The server automatically reboots reboot in 3 minutes.

  3. The endpoints on that server cannot be upgraded.

  4. The server is online, but the administrator cannot assign a service profile to that blade.

Correct Answer: C

Question No.45

Which action should the administrator take before physically removing a blade server for maintenance or replacement?

  1. Force the server to shut down.

  2. Disassociate the service profile.

  3. Decommission the server.

  4. Perform a graceful shutdown of the server.

Correct Answer: C

Question No.46

Which three statements about powering down a Cisco UCS C-Series Rack-Mount Server to perform maintenance or replacement are true? (Choose three.)

  1. Standby power mode: Power is supplied only to the service processor and the cooling fans, and it is safe to power off the server from this mode.

  2. Power status LED. Green indicates that the server is in main power mode and can be safely powered off.

  3. Graceful shutdown: Press and release the power button. The operating system performs a graceful shutdown, and the server goes to standby mode, which is indicated by an amber power status LED.

  4. Disconnect the power cords from the power supplies in your server to completely power off the server.

  5. Only an emergency shutdown can be performed using the power button on the server front panel.

  6. The Cisco UCS C-Series Rack-Mount Server has only one power mode.

Correct Answer: ACD

Question No.47

Which three components are hot swappable in a Cisco UCS Blade Server and Chassis? (Choose three.)

  1. Fabric Extender

  2. Power supply

  3. Heat sink

  4. SAS Hard Drive

  5. 2x8GB Kit DIMMs

  6. Mezzanine card

Correct Answer: ABD

Question No.48

Which five things should the administrator verify after performing maintenance or replacing a blade server? (Choose five.)

  1. blade server status

  2. hard drive status

  3. host OS boot status

  4. CPU status

  5. mezzanine card status

  6. memory DIMM status

  7. fan and power status

Correct Answer: ABDEF

Question No.49

Which two statements about DIMM replacement in Cisco UCS Servers are true? (Choose two.)

  1. In blade servers, DIMMs can be installed in either 1, 2, 4, or 8 DIMMs per channel.

  2. Rack-mount and blade servers have memory fault LEDs that indicate which DIMM requires attention.

  3. In servers that require pairs of DIMMs, the pairs must be identical (manufacturer, size, part #, and so on).

  4. If the memory in a server is not fully populated, you can install DIMMs in any open slot.

Correct Answer: AC

Question No.50

Which three tools are necessary to console into a Cisco UCS C-Series Rack-Mount Server? (Choose three.)

  1. Cisco DB-9-to-RJ-45 console cable

  2. laptop

  3. monitor

  4. keyboard

  5. KVM dongle

  6. USB serial adapter

Correct Answer: CDE

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